Everyday Lebanon AA Meetings Online (ELMO)

This document can be found at mas.lvc.edu/ELMO , and at the ELMO.html page on www.lebanonpaaa.org  .  If you're seeing this notice on paper, then take a picture of this first page so you know how to find this document on the web. 

This document shows how to join and function in a set of daily on-line AA meetings that are being conducted for the benefit of people in the area of Lebanon, Pennsylvania while we need to do social distancing.

By "joining", you become able to hear what is being said by others at the meeting, and you can request to speak yourself.  No typing is necessary.

If you join using a web link, then video is enabled, and you can see participants as they speak.

Or you can join just using any kind of phone, which requires no software or smart phone or computer.  You can still speak and hear, but you cannot see anything.

The session can be conducted sort of like a regular meeting.  You can ask to speak by clicking on your microphone icon, or by pressing the asterisk (*) on your phone. You'll be told when it's your turn to speak.

All meetings last about 60 minutes.  The meeting room is open for 15 minutes before and up to 15 minutes after the meeting's scheduled starting and ending times, respectively.

You can join a meeting in either of these ways: (they refer to the table below)

    Audio and Video access on a computer, pad, or smart phone (so you are among those who can see each other):
  1. Click on the "Join" link in the "Click to Join" column button for your meeting.
  2. You will be asked to download and install free "ezTalks" software to your phone or computer.  If you don't wish to do so, use Audio Only access (below) instead.
  3. Click on the microphone icon to request permission to speak.  You will also see a Chat button, which you could use to talk type a private message to the host or another participant.

    Audio Only access on any phone:

  1. Call 1-201-439-8092.  (Charges might apply for toll (201 is a NJ area code) or minutes, depending on your phone contract. No software needed.
  2. You will be asked for the ID number of the meeting.  Look it up in your meeting's row of the table.  It is an 8-digit number.
    1. Or, if you use the phone number with a double comma and the ID number of the meeting and a pound sign (as shown in the 5th column in the table below), then you can ignore the spoken instructions and let your phone enter the ID automatically.  Create a Contact in your contact list that has the longer phone number with double commas, etc., and then you can join the meeting in just a couple key clicks. The two commas make the phone wait 6 seconds before sending the meeting ID.  Three seconds per comma.
  1. When you join Audio-Only, use the asterisk to request permission to speak.  There is no "Chat."  Just hang up when you want to leave.
  2. In case your phone contact someday suddenly stops working, go back to http://mas.lvc.edu/ELMO or http://lebanonpaaa.org/ELMO and check whether the group's ID number changed in the table below.  If it still fails, ask Mike F for help.

Time Day ID number Click to join
Phone number for audio only
11:00 AM Sunday
Join 1-201-439-8092,,91491525#
7:00PM Monday
Join 1-201-439-8092,,30315913#
10:00 AM Tuesday 49009775 Join 1-201-439-8092,,49009775#
5:15 PM Tuesday
Join 1-201-439-8092,,35372113#
12:00 PM Wednesday
Join 1-201-439-8092,,42812053#
6:00 PM Thursday 25553255 Join 1-201-439-8092,,25553255#
8:00 PM Friday 65059458 Join 1-201-439-8092,,65059458#
10:00 AM Saturday 73701441 Join 1-201-439-8092,,73701441#
*These IDs got changed from the original 47764720 and 84787452, respectively. Progress, not perfection. :)
Note: Always navigate to this page and refresh it before joining a meeting.  Changes to meeting ID numbers might happen again.

These meetings were intentionally scheduled at diverse times to be available to people with diverse schedules.

Call Mike F. at 717 273 6973 or email him at fry@lvc.edu if you have problems or questions.

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Recommended: Use your phone to take a picture of the first paragraph of this notice, so you can find it online.