Everyday Lebanon AA Meetings Online (ELMO)

This document shows how to join and function in a set of daily on-line AA meetings that are being conducted for the benefit of people in the area of Lebanon, Pennsylvania while we need to do social distancing.

There are 85 ELMO's every week, at these times and each lasting one hour.  Two of these will stop meeting soon:


11:00 am
Cancelled.  Last Sun mtg was 9/12
Monday 7:00 pm

5:15 pm

6:00 pm

8:00 pm
Last Fri mtg 9/24
10:00 am

You can join a meeting in two ways:
  1. by Internet (audio, or audio and video)
  2. by phone (audio only)
To join by Internet, (using a computer, pad, or smart phone) you can simply click on this link to go to the meeting's web page:
(if you don't have Zoom installed, your browser will ask you for permission to install it).
To join by phone, you can call 301-715-8592  (from the U.S., or look here if calling from outside the U.S.), and enter these numbers (followed by the pound sign (#) when asked for them:
Zoom meeting ID:
857 2821 6176
Participant ID
-none- (just #)
Passcode (if required):
Phone callers need to press *6 to unmute/mute themselves, so they can/cannot be heard by others at the meeting.
Send email to elmomeetings@mail.com if you need help getting to an ELMO meeting.