Everyday Lebanon AA Meetings Online (ELMO)

This document shows how to join and function in a set of daily on-line AA meetings that are being conducted for the benefit of people in the area of Lebanon, Pennsylvania while we need to do social distancing.

There are 4 ELMO's every week, at these times and each lasting one hour:


Monday 7:15 pm

5:15 pm

6:00 pm

10:00 am
Last Saturday meeting July 2, 2022

You can join a meeting in two ways:
  1. by Internet (audio, or audio and video)
  2. by phone (audio only)
To join by Internet, (using a computer, pad, or smart phone) you can simply click on this link to go to the meeting's web page:
or use the Tiny URL: tinyurl.com/yckpujjr .
(if you don't have Zoom installed, your browser will ask you for permission to install it).
To join by phone, you can call 301-715-8592  (from the U.S., or look here if calling from outside the U.S.), and enter these numbers (followed by the pound sign (#)) when asked for them:
Zoom meeting ID:
857 2821 6176
Participant ID
-none- (just #)
Passcode (if required):
Phone callers need to dial *6 to unmute/mute themselves, so they can/cannot be heard by others at the meeting. And dial *9 to raise or lower your hand.  Raise your hand whenever you wish to speak.  The chair will call on you and allow you to unmute with *6.
Send email to elmomeetings@mail.com if you need help getting into an ELMO meeting.